Japanese Sweets Box

Japanese Sweets Box

Sweets Box filled with 7-10 (depending on the value) random Japanese sweets.


If you love sweet treats and always wanted to try Japanese candy, then this box is your choice!

No matter how many times you may buy this box, the contents will always change and you can keep trying newly released sweets all the time!


Box may include-chocolate, gummies, cookies, gum, wafers, etc .


Depending on the season you may get some limited edition sweets (Halloween, Christmas, Sakura season etc.)


*You can not choose which exact items will be in the box.

*The items in the photos are just examples of what you may get.



Get a free gift with your first purchase! Buy any box until December 1,2020 and get a free gift with your order. 


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  • Box Types

    We offer 3 types of boxes- cute, simple and mix.

    Cute box

    In the"cute box",  all of the sweets will be with various characters (Sanrio characters, Doraemon, San-x characters, Pokemon, etc.) 

    Cute box is perfect for you if you want to not only try delicious sweets, but also appreciate the cutest packaging with your favorite characters!


    Simple box

    In the "simple box",  all of the sweets will not have any specific characters.

    Simple box is perfect for you if you just want to try out more simple and traditional Japanese sweets without any particular characters.


    Mix box

    In the "mix box", there will be both cute and simple items!

    Mix box is perfect for you if you want to get sweets with cute characters, as well as try out more simple and traditional sweets.