Japanese Stationery Box

Japanese Stationery Box

Stationery Box filled with 8-10(depending on the value) random stationery items.


If you are a stationery lover and enjoy collecting different stationery items, then this box is a great choice!

Whether you need some new stationery for your studies/ work, or you love collecting interesting stationery as a hobby, this box is for you.


Japanese stationery is known to be very high quality with exceptionally cute and interesting designs. We are proud to offer a big variety of products that will make you happy!


Inside the box you may get- stickers, notebooks, planners, note pads, masking tapes, clips, pouches, pencil cases, pens and pencils, etc.


*You can not choose which exact items will be in the box.

*The items in the photos are just examples of what you may get.



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