Japanese Snacks Box

Japanese Snacks Box

Snacks Box filled with 7-10 random (depending on the value) Japanese snacks.


Snacks Box , unlike our Sweets Box has a mix of sweet and savory treats. If you want to try out a variety of Japanese flavors, then this box is perfect for you!


Box may include-chocolate, gummies, cookies, gum, potato chips, wafers, traditional Japanese snacks,etc.


Depending on the season you may get some limited edition sweets (Halloween, Christmas, Sakura season etc.).


No matter how many times you order the same box, you will get new treats with each purchase! 



*You can not choose which exact items will be in the box.

*The items in the photos are just examples of what you may get.



Get a free gift with your first purchase! Buy any box until December 1,2020 and get a free gift with your order. 


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